Dine Italian

Posted: 5th March, 2018

  • The whole group enjoying their meal

  • Delicious Lasagne

  • Enjoying 'Just Two Cornettos'!

On the evening of Saturday, 3rd March, about 40 church members and friends met in the Hall to eat together. The meal was Italian-themed with a menu consisting of tomato salad and mozarella cheese, a main course of delicious home-made Lasagne (with or without mushrooms and a vegetarian option) and a dessert of, of course, Cornetto ice cream.

This food was greatly enjoyed by everyone, but the main object of the evening was fellowship and conversation, of which there was lots - even while eating was in full swing!

An informal and light-hearted quiz on an Italian theme kept us busy with much more talking, but it did make us think, if only how to spell the Italian names!

The evening finished at about 9 o'clock and we went home happy, tired and well fed.

We owe a great debt of thanks to the large team of cooks, kitchen staff, room decorators, table setters, waiters and waitresses, washer uppers and clearers away. Thank you - one and all!

We seem to have spent so much time and effort in staging fund-raising events over the past few years, that it was so nice to do something just for the fun of it.   

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