Radcliffe Carnival

Posted: 9th August, 2018

Carnival Day: Saturday 8th July 2018

Carnival day dawned clear and bright. Guaranteed sunshine and blue skies - what a relief. After months of planning and painting we could relax and get on with the jobs in hand.

The Stephen's lorry arrived in good time; bacon butties were dished out by our two trusty ladies (Nan & Betty) - on we went.

It was good to have friends old and new assembling the float, which soon began to look amazing and very 'Chinese New Year'.

By 12 o'clock we were ready to get on board and were very pleased to have 'Little Angels' joining us on the lorry and in the procession. It is great that people watching, look forward to seeing our float with its colour, music and big smiles. While all of this was going on a redoubtable band of ladies were manning our 'Carnival Cake Stall' at The Grange. The stall was full of lovely cakes and indeed looked 'good enough to eat'.

By 2 o'clock the procession was over. By 4 o'clock the stall was cleared. A BIG "THANK YOU" to everyone who made the day so memorable

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