Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship Charity Lunch for "All We Can"

Posted: 30th January, 2019

This event, which is sadly to be the last, was held in the Schoolroom on Tuesday, 29th January, 2019.

The lunch was attended by 33 people largely, but not entirely, members of the Fellowship.  A hot meal of Chicken Paprika was followed by a selection of desserts and then tea or coffee.  It was a leisurely affair, with plenty of time for chat.  It was a very enjoyable meal!

When everything was cleared away, Tim Baker from All We Can (Methodist Relief and Development Fund), gave a very clear and inspiring presentation that focussed on the current work that All We Can is helping with in Malawi.  As a result of climate change, the dry season, which is the main season for the crops to grow in, is becoming longer and drier, so the crops are poorer than previously.  The peole are poorer as a consequence.  The rainy season is more extreme and floods are commonplace. 

All We Can is joining with local charities in providing solar panels that power irrigation pumps so that water stored in the rainy season can be efficiently distributed throughout the fields.  

The project has been up and running for ony a short time but the benefits are already being felt.  The crops are better, so that the subsistence farmers have enough for themselves and some to sell so that they have some money, perhaps to pay for their children to go to secondary school.  

The lunch raised £230 for All We Can, as part of the Nottingham South Circuit's special effort this year.

Thanks to Christine for her efficient organisation and to all her willing helpers who cooked the food and helped on the day. 

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