Cold Spring Farm - April 2016

25 young people and 6 members of staff met at 9 am on Friday morning to climb aboard three mini buses. Equipment was carried in two trailers. They set out for Cold Spring Farm, Buxton, in Derbyshire, where they were going to stay. They had a barn booked to be able to gather together and they were to be sleeping under canvas.
Once the camp was set up they went down to Morrisons to buy some food as they were going to be cooking for themselves. They had planned to go out in the afternoon but rain was on the way. It certainly rained alright and they discovered that rain ran down hills and if you faced the tent toward the top of the hill the rain ran inside the tents! Ponds appeared in the field and ducks found new places to swim outside the tents.
Most people were in bed early on the first night and in the morning the weather was brighter. They went out to go up onto the hills. It wasn’t the sun turning faces red, it was the wind. Later on in the afternoon just after getting back the snow came! It came down so fast that staff had to go out and clear the tops of tents before they collapsed. A snowball fight then followed. That night it was forecast to be -2 degrees. That wasn’t going to be a problem as they found two large bags of sleeping bags left behind by an outdoor pursuit company that is no longer operating. Campers took advantage of these and slept in double bags. In the morning ice was found on the inside of the tents. It was described as cold the first night but freezing the second. Before going to bed the programme was changed and instead of a camp fire it was decided to have a walk around Buxton
Sunday saw another turn to the weather. The sun was shining and coats were off and it was time to roll up sleeves. As groups went out of camp a work party set about taking the tents down and amazingly all the canvas was dried.
Talking to the farmer, he allowed us to keep twenty of the sleeping bags and we brought over twenty more back and they have been taken to The Friary Drop In.
The feedback after the weekend was positive, even taking into account the weather, and the young people learnt a lot in the process. It was decided to do the same thing again next year so we are now looking for volunteers to help.

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