Glastonbury Carnival Weekend November 20th-22nd 2015

  • Motorway stop

  • Cheltenham Methodist Church

  • Inside Cheltenham Methodist Church

  • Cheddar Gorge

  • Glastonbury Carnival Float

  • Another Carnival Float

15 members of the Youth Group set of on Friday 20th November packed into the Mini bus with trailer in tow. We were on the way to Cheltenham Methodist Church. We called into the motorway service station on the M5 and phoned Stuart our new friend from Cheltenham, he was already there and met us with a big smile and showed us around the premises. As we sorted things out some of the young people set about preparing hot dogs and soup.
Saturday saw an early rise as Cheltenham Church were having a Coffee morning so we loaded up after a full breakfast of egg bacon sausages black pudding and mushrooms. Before going we had some time with Stuart in the Church talking about how Church families how they develop and move forward with time and how their Church is planning a new building project to improve their facilities.
Once on the way and collecting a new jockey wheel for the trailer we travelled down to Cheddar Gorge. We parked up and set about having a look around while Chris and Gwyn pulled down the trailer door to form a table and everyone prepared themselves some lunch. Once lunch was over the majority of the party climbed the gorge to walk along the top into Cheddar meeting the Mini Bus. Then it was on the road again to Glastonbury. As we arrived in Glastonbury some of the roads were already closed but we managed to pull up outside Glastonbury Methodist Church and formed a chain gang to unload everything as Mrs Powell arrived to let us in.
After settling in we went out to explore Glastonbury as it was preparing for the Carnival. While we were out we collected take away menus and some decided that they would prefer to buy and prepare their own evening meal.
So around 6.00 pm we all sat down together to have a meal and then we got wrapped up to position ourselves ready for the parade. The floats were amazing. Some were had multiple trailers and were triple decker’s. As the carnival was coming to the end some of the older young people went down into the town to soak up the atmosphere hoping to get the chance to follow the drumming bands dancing in the street but the crowd was too large and there was a need to go back to the Church where we had warm drinks and sat around the tables playing camp fire games. During the time of the carnival Mary Powell came to support us and manned the Church.
On Sunday morning we again had to get moving as the Sunday School would be wanting to get set up. So after another full breakfast we started off back up the M5 stopping off at Worcester Services to once again lower the trailer door to have Lunch in the caravan park and then a drink in inside. We didn’t have long because we needed to get to Cadburys World as we were booked in for 1.15 pm. We took part in a tour and but didn’t have enough time to take everything else in as the important attraction seem to be the gift shop.
Once we were back on the road we arrived back home around 5.30 pm very tired.

The Aim of the event was for the young people to get away together and experience the love and support of each other and the wider Christian Church. We want to build on an experience of being together and getting to know each other. This is very important when we come together in discussion groups and explore the issues that affect each other. Some of the best times were on the mini bus or just sat around the table together.
We would like to thank both Cheltenham and Glastonbury Churches for their support us.

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