A few years ago, our congregation had a dream to demolish the old premises and build a new church on the same site – this was “The Radcliffe Methodist and Community Project”.

We have been able to raise a substantial amount of money during the last 6 or 7 years. Over the last few months we have been having a close look at project progress. Sadly, the amounts that had been raised, though substantial, were still less than a fifth of the total that would be needed to complete a full demolition and rebuild. The project therefore faced the prospect of many more years of fundraising with much uncertainty about the future.

The church members have therefore decided that rather than continue as we are, it would better to pursue a rescoped project that would limit the need for future fundraising and enable the work to be done in a period of months. Clearly this means that not all the objectives of the original project can be completed as we will need to work largely within the existing structures of the building. However, we do believe that many of the original aims are possible by using the money that is already there. We should be able to make the church a welcoming, attractive and accessible environment, substantially improve the use of space and generally improve facilities for the church and community. 

We need to make significant improvements to the entrance to our church, including the screen area at the back of the church and the entrance from the car park. There is also a need to remedy the deficiencies with the heating and to improve the toilets.

Those are the priorities but there are other areas of the church that need to be reviewed, to see what can be done.

Update - 24th October 2019
The builders are in!
A single very large donation has made it possible to proceed with the refurbishment in its entirety.  The work is expected to take about 6 months, so that we will be back in our renewed premises around the beginning of May 2020.  In the meantime we are worshipping in the Scout Hall.

Allchurches Trust Limited has awarded us a grant of £6,750.
Methodist Insurance has awarded us a grant of £25,000.
The Laing Family Trust has awardrd us a grant of £4,000. 

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