This year has been marked by:-

[A] Necessary work to keep our premises safe and inviting.

  1.     In the kitchen new chiller has been provided by funding from ‘Soup Lunch’ and a    hand towel dispenser has been fitted.
  2.     New L.E.D. lights in church – what a difference these have made.
  3.     Electrical items have been PAT Tested. 3 items had to be disposed of.
  4.     The Broadband connection has been taken over by The Post Office at a greatly reduced cost.
  5.     The boiler in the foyer continues to be an issue but is under constant review.
  6.     Services can now be relayed to The New Room.
  7.     A Health and Safety Inspection was carried out in January and will be reviewed annually.
  8.     A decision has been made that the staging is unsafe for people with visual difficulties, and therefore it will only be used on request when care will       be taken to make the edges more visible.
  9.     There was a very successful ‘working week’ in November, when lots of jobs were undertaken.

[B] Holding jobs whilst awaiting the outcome of the meeting to decide the way forward with our regeneration project.

  1.     The boiler in the gentlemen’s toilet has been repaired.
  2.     The car park has been patched to make it safer.

Gwyn Farmer (Property Sec.)

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