Quiet Days


In groups of about 8 people, the day begins at 10am with coffee and familiarisation, followed by a short time of worship, relaxation and a ‘theme’, interspersed with a wide range of musical interludes. (Last year, during both Quiet Days we reflected on how God can use our times of waiting to develop the spiritual gifts of patience, humility, and trust for example.) 

We then have about 1½ hours of silence in which we spread around the house and garden doing whatever God leads us to (maybe even sleep if that is what is needed). Books and crafts are available, but many people bring their own. Over a simple lunch of soup, rolls, cake etc we talk together in friendship, followed at 2pm by a similar program to the morning, aiming to close at 4.15pm after tea! 

‘Be still, and know that I am God’.

Jean Smith


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