We had our first services after lockdown on 19th August - subject to Covid restrictions, of course.

The need

The church and schoolroom were built at the end of the 19th century. Other rooms, including the kitchen and toilets, have been added bit by bit since then. Extensive refurbishment was done in the 1970s.

The premises have served the church and the community well for many years, but they are no longer fit for purpose.

  • over 30 groups involving the community regularly use the premises;
  • about 750 people come through the doors every week;
  • the church is a favourite venue for children's birthday parties and for coffee mornings;

We need to address the following problems

  • the floors are at different levels, hampering disabled access, creating hazards and     causing accidents;
  • the toilets are at the end of a long corridor;
  • the front door is too small for a coffin to be brought in on the shoulders of pallbearers;
  • ventilation is poor;
  • heating is patchy and inefficient.
  • The overall impression is of a building that is run down and shabby!