Appointed by the church council to lead music in worship, we remain committed to leading all types of singing for the whole of the congregation in worship,
• to be ‘of the congregation, and for the congregation’
• to enable the congregation to be a full part of the singing of God’s Praises.

The purpose of the choir has always been to support the preacher responsible for leading worship by leading the singing of the congregation.
Directed by Worship leader/singing leader, the Singers’ role has therefore been-

• to take the lead in providing the best and most appropriate forms of sung music for different
• events and aspects of Sunday worship;
• to involve the congregation and develop and further encourage congregational singing;
• to liaise with Preachers, and others who accompany singing in this;
• to help introduce new songs into congregational worship
• to support worship in meaningful singing for the whole church.
• to provide sung responses when appropriate.

Practice has always been a time of fellowship as well as of preparation, and we have always been committed prayerfully to prepare the music and ourselves to serve God in the act of worship. The commitment of the members is essential, and their willingness to attend so regularly to prepare themselves and the music is a great credit to them, although sometimes unrecognised by others. The range of choral experience among members is a sound basis for the choir - there are those who have sung with choirs of international standing, as well as local choirs. We have enabled a number of new songs to be sung, but would wish to go beyond the mere ability to sing, towards the best offering we can make to God in our music.

The further development of music in worship, begun last year has been very slow and there are a number of issues including roles and responsibilities which still need to be addressed. It is hoped that the Worship Development Group’s recommendations will give clarity for the future of singing, and the role of the Singers in the church which was “Born in Song”

Jon Hancock Worship/Singing Leader


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