Tuesday Evening Fellowship


We meet once a month at 7.30pm at 35 Clumber Drive, for informal prayer, discussion, study, chat and refreshments, though not necessarily all together, or in that order! And you’d be very welcome to join us.

Since last May we have been using Andrew Roberts’ book on discipleship to reflect on the ‘Holy Habits’ of biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, giving, service and eating together, with 4 more chapters yet to come. The last chapter is entitled ‘dare to dream’, related to Acts 2:17, though I’m not so sure that I like to think of us as ‘old men’. In fact we have a lot of fun and laughter, as men and women who are young at heart. But the book has been stimulating and interesting as we have analysed in detail the practices of the early church and reflected on ourselves, our church and our faith today.

Two of our scheduled meetings had to be cancelled because of conflicting church activities, but no doubt the early disciples also had to be flexible as they followed the way of Jesus and enjoyed the fellowship of the group.

Jean Smith



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