John Wesley - 'The best of all is GOD IS WITH US'

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Interactive prayers are held at 11.00 am on Fridays on the internet using Zoom.

The Breakthrough Prayer

The Methodist Conference has declared 2020/2021 a year of Prayer so that our Church nation-wide commits to evangelism, church growth, the church at the margins, pioneering and church planting. As part of this call to Prayer, they have asked that individuals, churches and groups consider praying regularly the 'breakthrough prayer' or a similar prayer.

The Breakthrough Prayer

God of love, God for all,
your purposes are more beautiful than we can possibly imagine
Fill us with your Holy Spirit.
Help us let go of all that holds us back.
Open our lives and our churches to new seasons of humility and faith, of change and growth.
Shake us up with the Good News of Jesus and show us the way.