Children & Family Worker

Radcliffe Methodist Church welcomes a lot of children through its doors!
Most recently we have welcomed the village Space Academy, 50 astronauts visited for the games and craft part of the Radcliffe Holiday Club, arriving by Space Shuttle! The Holiday Club, Community Cafe and the toddler group are church initiatives that along with room hires to uniformed groups, playdays, dance class and parties ensure a lot of young people and their families know where we are.
As part of the RE curriculum, the Primary schools also initiate visiting us.
Since summer 2017, we have been working on a continual plan for children on every Sunday which sees us 'ready to welcome' whenever children attend worship.
Worship Together continues on the second Sunday of the month with the preacher in charge of Family Friendliness.
Since February, we have resumed running Junior Church in the school room after ten minutes in worship with the adults and returning to show what we have been doing at the end.
Children have been in all our thinking as we explored ' First Impressions' and the building project. As we journey on, we have been exploring still having fun beyond childhood! Harvest, Christmas and Mothering Sunday have seen All Age Saturday Workshops where we all explore fun activities enabling us to assist the preacher in delivering All Age worship on the Sunday.
And when it's time to explore further afield there are opportunities to meet other young people in the circuit, district and nationally. The Methodist Church runs initiatives for young people aged 8 - 23, 9 of our young people visited 3Generate in Southport, there are weekends for university students and one of our members represents the Methodist Church on an advisory group for inter-faith relations. So many good things are happening with children and young people's work, so let's connect the dots and help show them a pathway to faith in Jesus. With many thanks to the many people who help do this, keep smiling please!

Helen Roberts
Children and Family Worker


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