Church groups

  • Christians Together in Radcliffe

    Christians Together in Radcliffe (CTR) is made up of the 4 churches in Radcliffe on Trent (and also other christians who live here but worship elsewhere). The CTR committee arranges a number of events on a regular basis: a Lent Course, Walk of Witness and service on Good Friday, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Christian Aid united service, One World Week service, Alpha courses, prayer breakfasts, carols at The Grange and the Easter children's Holiday Club ....The four covenanted churches are: St Mary's (Church of England), Wellspring Christian Growth Centre, St Anne's (Catholic Church)

    Contact name: Jon Hancock

  • Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship

    Contact name: Christine Anderson

    Address: Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church - School Room

    Phone: 0115 845 0433

  • Wednesday Morning Prayer Group

    Every Wednesday we meet in each others homes at 9am to share concerns and offer them to God in prayer.

    Phone: 0115 845 0433

  • Friday Coffee Morning

    Come and meet friends over a coffee every Friday morning 9:45am - 11:30am

    Address: Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church

  • Walking Group

    Meet at 10am in the church carpark for car sharing, every fourth Saturday in the month for a 5-7 mile walk. Please bring a drink, packed lunch and suitable wet walking gear. These walks are not too strenuous, so join us if you can.

    Contact name: George Smith

    Address: Meet in Car Park of Church

    Phone: 0115 933 4407

  • Footsteps on the 15th

    A meeting place for all: all are welcome

    Contact name: Helen Hancock

    Address: Various location check Church magazine - Cross Section

    Phone: 0115 933 2217

  • Ladies Methodist Tuesday Group

    Meet every other Tuesday 7:30pm

    Contact name: Jane James

    Address: Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church

    Phone: 0115 933 2008

  • Tuesday Evening Fellowship

    We meet once a month for an evening of prayer, discussion, study and chat. Newcomers are most welcome

    Contact name: Jean Smith

    Phone: 0115 933 4407

  • Choir

    The Choir lead all types of singing for the whole of the congregation in worship. Meet most Friday afternoon 5pm to reherse ready for Sunday Morning worship.

    Contact name: Jon Hancock

    Phone: 0115 933 2217

  • Youth Group 11-25 years

    We welcome all young people. The Youth Group is part of the Junior Church family.Our aim is to help and support all young people in their development into adulthood spiritually, mentally and physically. We also run a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award centre involving the young people and those from other Churches and the wider community.

    Contact name: Mark Greenhalgh

    Phone: 0115 9334467

  • Church Band

    Meet every other Tuesday. All standards welcome

    Contact name: Judy Holbrow

  • Church Flowers

    A fresh arrangment of flowers is placed in the church for each Sunday. Anyone wishing to provide flowers or a donation contact see below. The help of any arrangers would be most welcome.

    Contact name: Pat Mitchell

    Phone: 0115 933 4310

  • Art Group

    Meet every second Friday of the month. 2pm - 4pm This is not a teaching group but a place to come together to encourage and motivate each other. Anyone is welcome to join.

    Contact name: Rae Allton

    Phone: 0115 933 4795

  • Traidcraft

    Come and see our stall every Sunday after worship in the School Room. We are a Fairtrade church

    Contact name: Shelia Hood

  • Discovery Achievement Award for People Over 50

    The Discovery Award Logo

    The Discovery Award is modelled on the highly successful Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for young people and is an achievement award for people over 50 years of age. It is an exciting and rewarding adventure and those who accept the Discovery challenge can expect: • to sample new activities • to develop their existing skills • to meet new friends • to enhance their confidence and self-awareness • to enjoy the satisfaction of helping other people • to keep their minds alert and their bodies active There are three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – each with an agreed timespan and each leading to its own certificate and badge. Each level has four Sections: 1. Service in the Community Any service which helps others is acceptable, for example Red Cross, visiting the elderly, committee work, voluntary youth organisations, conservation – the demand for volunteers is endless – the choice is yours. BRONZE 24 - 30 hours spread over a minimum of 12 weeks SILVER 48 – 60 hours spread over a minimum of 26 weeks GOLD 100 – 120 hours spread over a minimum of 52 weeks 2. Recreational Pursuit This should involve some physical activity but the limits are set by your own health and ability. Start slowly for your Bronze and work up to your Gold. For example you might choose to do archery, cycling, badminton, table tennis, golf, wheelchair sports, dancing, snooker, darts, etc. BRONZE 24 - 30 hours spread over a minimum of 12 weeks SILVER 30 – 50 hours spread over a minimum of 26 weeks GOLD 50 – 60 hours spread over a minimum of 26 weeks 3. Hobby or Interest You might like to take up a new interest or develop an old one. The choice is vast – writing, gardening, collecting stamps or postcards, reading, cinema or TV, music, languages, painting or drawing, photography, local history or architecture – you name it, you can do it. BRONZE 50 - 60 hours spread over a minimum of 26 weeks SILVER 100 – 120 hours spread over a minimum of 52 weeks GOLD 150 – 180 hours spread over a minimum of 78 weeks 4. Journey of Discovery You can travel anywhere either in your mind at home through the comfort of your own armchair through books, pictures, your television or computer, or actually travel in this country or abroad on foot, by bicycle or car, train or tram, ship or plane. Discover faraway places or local landmarks, even your family tree. Your journey of discovery can be physical, visual, spiritual or knowledgeable. All you have to do is agree with your Assessor what you will do and then keep a record of your preparation and what you did to submit for your Award. BRONZE minimum of 6 weeks preparation time SILVER minimum of 9 weeks preparation time GOLD minimum of 12 weeks preparation time Not only do Discoverers benefit enormously from the Award but their local communities also reap the rewards. It is open to anyone over the age of 50 whatever their physical ability or circumstances, regardless of status, state of health or level of ability. There is no upper age limit. The assessors who approve each level of Award monitor the success of individuals and the parent body monitors the overall success. The Award operates in England (the Head Office happens to be in Nottingham), Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Australia and Canada. At the moment the annual cost of membership is £7 and each Record Book is £1 plus postage. On completion of each level, certificates are £1 and (if required) metal badges £3.50. There are two Groups catering for anyone living in Radcliffe-on-Trent or the immediate surrounds – the Nottingham Steadfast Group and The Radcliffe Methodist Community Group. For further information contact Keith Vinerd on 0115-9332303 or e-mail Nationally please contact or visit the website or write to: The Discovery Award, The Old School, Montpelier Road, Dunkirk, Nottingham NG7 2JW

    Contact name: Keith Vinerd

    Phone: 0115 933 2303

  • Friday Communion Service

    A quiet Communion Service is held on the second Friday of the month, at 9.30 am in the Prayer Room

    Contact name: Rev Mark Roberts

  • Ecumenical Bible Reading Group

    An ecumenical Bible reading group that meets on the last Friday of the month at St Anne's Church, at 2.00 pm.

    Contact name: Christine Marquina

  • Wednesday House group

    Wednesdays 7.45 till 9.30 (check Cross Section for dates). All welcome.

    Contact name: Pippa Edwards

  • FaD (Five-a-Day)

    Join us as we give Thanks, Pray, enjoy Silence, Read & Reflect and Act.

    This event will be held on the first of each month when possible (eg not Easter Sunday).

    Contact name: Jean Smith

    Phone: 933 4407

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