Senior Steward's Report

Those of you who have served as Stewards will not need my brief outline of what we do.
I think the Church Steward is the voice of the vital church.
Six of us attend regular meetings with Mark our minister to talk over and arrange the program of Services and events and Church activities for the coming year.
We listen to the Church and talk over ideas and suggestions and plan.

Each Group of Leaders have a routine of duties.
Opening and locking up the church.
Welcoming the preacher.
Setting up and supervision of the team.
Welcoming the congregation and introducing the Preacher.
Supervising the Collection, counting and Banking.

And just being present at Coffee Time as contact.
Checking that the building is empty and locking up.

Being elected as Steward is an essential and responsible job in the well functioning of our Church in its Praising, Supporting and Caring Mission.   


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