The Radcliffe Methodist Community Discovery Award Group


This Group is based at The Methodist Church and is open to anyone over the age of 50.

During the past year Mark Greenhalgh has completed his Silver Award and his Certificate recording this was presented to him by County Councillor Kay Cutts, M.B.E., alongside a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Presentation at the Church in March 2018. He is now working towards the Gold Award. 

Gwyneth Farmer is finding it difficult to have time to complete her Bronze Award
on which she has been working since 2013. She is very close and I hope will soon reach her goal.

Richard and Patricia Roberts have started their Bronze Award.

It is good to be able to report that Pamela Smart put in a great deal of effort to complete her Gold Award in time for the same recent Presentation as Mark. She has paid her subscription up to the end of our year in August and will therefore not be continuing after that date. The subjects she undertook for Gold reflect the diversity available - textiles for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Premature Baby Unit) at Q.M.C. Hospital in Nottingham, Ice Hockey support, outdoor and indoor bowls and a visit to Poland as part of family research and production of an extensive family tree.

It was fantastic that Bob. and Helen Weir completed their Bronze Awards during this year and that they were presented with their Certificates by the Minister, Revd. Mark Roberts, during the Morning Service on 22nd October 2017. They are now both continuing to do their Silver Award.

There are therefore seven individuals plus me forming this Group and new participants are welcome. On behalf of the Group (if none take up the invitation)
I shall attend our national A.G.M. at Sandon Hall in Staffordshire at the kind invitation of our new Patron, Lady Harrowby.

Keith W. Vinerd
Group Leader

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