CHURCH ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND AND GRAND OPENING - Sunday 18 Oct at 3pm, Wednesday 21 Oct at 7pm and Saturday 24 Oct at 11am.

Priorities for 2020


HOPE  We want to be an open, welcoming and inclusive worshipping community.
ACTIONS To continue to develop music in worship that include all in the church family, incorporating traditional and newer music, hymns and songs in Sunday morning worship, including use of different instruments where possible. To include drama


HOPES We want to be a church that shares God’s love with one another, where each can grow in discipleship and where all that we do is underpinned with prayer.
We commit to listening to our children and young people and inviting them to share their vision and enthusiasm with the other age groups.
ACTIONS To encourage one another to grow in prayer through prayer days and other prayer opportunities.
To plan for further development of house/small groups.
To support Junior Church as they explore fresh ways of involving children and families in worship and all aspects of church family life.


HOPE We want to grow in awareness of, and involvement in, local and global issues of peace, justice and poverty.
ACTIONS To plan regular opportunities to be challenged to action by these issues in Sunday worship and in small/home  groups.


HOPE We want to grow in confidence so that we can each talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it, and why we believe in and follow Christ.
ACTIONS To continue to support the Children’s Holiday Club with prayer, leadership & help where possible.
To build in opportunities at house groups and other small groups for sharing our faith stories and supporting each ot