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Queen's Jubilee Event-Tea and Tiaras

The 'Tea and Tiaras' was a great success. Below are some comments. 

It was absolutely perfect in every way – what the Queen deserves! and although I didn’t wear a tiara I think for 94 I can be excused! May she go on to reign much longer. Alice 

Just wonderful. I nearly don’t come but I so very glad I came! Shirley

It went very well, and what was nice was that everyone had a smile on their faces. Jean

It was fantastic and really very good. It couldn’t be bettered. All the hard work that went into it to give everyone a good time. Thank you to all the organisers as well as the ones we could see waitressing. Cheryl

It would be hard to beat that anywhere. It was more than equal to any restaurant! It was good food and good company and right good ‘do’. Florence

Amazing - I could fit in my DJ and I thought it was a splendid atmosphere. It all tasted nice as well as looking nice and there were no curling British Rail sandwiches! We need more such events to brighten us up? George