• Anniversary Barn Dance

    A group of about 60 people of all ages, composed of members, families and friends, came together on Saturday, 17th October, to celebrate the 122nd Anniversary of the Church with a Barn Dance.  David Holmes was the Master of Ceremonies and Caller, as well as providing the music.  During the interval, as a rest from the strenuous dancing, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous 'Bring and Share' Supper.  The evening came to a close soon after 9 o'clock with the tired but happy participants making their way home!     

  • Church Giving to Mission

    As part of our church mission we make annual contributions to various targeted causes. This money comes directly from our budget, which you all support through your giving.

    At the Church Council Meeting on 18th June 2015, it was decided that we would be able to allocate a sum of £3,950 for this purpose.

    This will be distributed as follows:
          • Action For Children                 £ 500.00

  • Radcliffe-on-Trent Methodist Youth Group

    The Youth Group continues to work with the young people within the Church and across the broader community. Over the last year most of the work has been centred around our D of E work. We had around 25 participants completing awards, including 8 Golds. Well done participants
    We are pleased to have formed a partnership with South Nottinghamshire Academy inviting students to join us. We also ‘ satellite’ groups in Langar as well as South Notts Academy.

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