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Posted: 9th April, 2019




Bring people together

That's it.

It's the core principle behind our work with Senegalese fruit farmers and even in a war-torn, isolated region like Casamance... it's working.

Because a travelling fruit trader in Senegal can easily ignore the demands of one farmer - but they can't ignore hundreds of them.

For Ndella (pictured above) securing a fair price for her fruit means everything...

"I worry about getting enough to eat – everyday, I want there to be enough for the whole family... but it is not always easy to make sure there is enough to eat."

Your support gives people like Ndella the chance to join a cooperative... and that's when things start to change.

Her demands for a better price start to be listened to. She can attend training sessions and learn from like-minded farmers in her group.

Your support, plus her hard work, starts to finally bring about change for her family.

"Because we work in a group, we can share knowledge. We earn more money because we sell together and set a better price for the fruit." 

A fair price opens the door to education for her children, healthcare for her family and three nutritious meals a day for her household. Your support makes this happen.

Today, will you give more people like Ndella the chance to leave poverty behind for good?









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