Radcliffe-on-Trent Methodist Youth Group

Posted: 8th June, 2015

The Youth Group continues to work with the young people within the Church and across the broader community. Over the last year most of the work has been centred around our D of E work. We had around 25 participants completing awards, including 8 Golds. Well done participants
We are pleased to have formed a partnership with South Nottinghamshire Academy inviting students to join us. We also ‘ satellite’ groups in Langar as well as South Notts Academy.
We ran bronze, silver and gold expeditions (practice and actual) and also a training weekend for 42 young people for bronze and silver expeditions this April. Participants continue with all of the other aspects of The Award and meet with leaders as necessary.
We entered three teams in the Nottinghamshire Shadow Exercise. Teams of young people from far and wide gather for this over night orienteering exercise in Sherwood Forest. Participants have to navigate from one station to another, where they have to contend with situations that have been set up for them. A challenging but enjoyable night. One of our teams came fourth. We also ran two of the incidents at the stations.
We have also been able to acquire a 15-seater minibus for the use of the Youth Group, Church and Community. This is a great addition for the community and we expect it to be widely used. We hope to make it pay for itself by hiring it out to other recognised groups.
Over the past years we have arranged other activities for the young people and we hope to do more of these again. Plans are underway to take them to The Glastonbury Carnival in Somerset. Going away together really brings young people together and opens up opportunities for leaders to get to know them better and to be able to better support them.
We intend to continue with staff training, and over the last year had around 15+ volunteer helpers that help on a regular basis or on the odd occasion as needed.

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